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    Dear friends,

    4,621 "Investors" subscribed to our ambitious P&M Group-Buy. You have therefore attained 78% Discount OFF the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle for a blow-out price of ONLY $109 ! (MSRP $499).

    To thank everyone for their massive participation, we have decided to offer the Bundle at the goal price of $99 !

    Simply redeem the voucher coupon : PDZVIP at check-out.

    That is our way to thank ALL of you for your great support and the amazing testimonials posted all over the web.

    You have ALL greatly participated in the phenomenal success we encounter with our P&M Plug-ins. Be sure that every dollar will be wisely invested in the development of great new audio products.

    Every Group-Buy participants will receive an “investors certificate” that entitles them to 50% off all future Plug & Mix product releases.

    Thank you and enjoy your new V.I.P. Bundle

    We are today launching the most ambitious Group-Buy ever organised at DontCrack. The idea is to gather together 10 000 users that will pull our V.I.P. Bundle price down to ONLY $99 (MSRP $499). As the bundle contains 40 plug-ins, that drives the cost of each plug-in down to ONLY $2.48. Isn't that the craziest "No Brainer" ever seen in the audio industry ?

    Our Group-Buy is a risk FREE operation for users as it starts at $199 (60% Discount) with a goal aiming 80% Discount ($99)...

    If we do reach 10 000 users that will pay ONLY $99 for the total P&M bundle, that is $1 000 000 income that we will directly invest in the development of future products. It is therefore YOU that are investing in R&D by simply buying our products at a total "No Brainer" cost !

    By spreading the word around the web in dedicated forum boards, posting great testimonials on our Facebook page, calling your "audio" buddies, you will help get the "Group-Buy" gauge to climb up to 10 000 users and the price will drop to ONLY $99 bucks…

    In order to make our Group-Buy Promotion INSTANTLY attractive to all participants, we decided to start the pricing off at $200!! and it drops by $10 every time another 1000 potential buyers joins the tribe. So there is no gamble, as soon as you join, you're in heading towards $99. We know we will get the 10,000 buyers ;-)

    Our company aims at being direct with our clients, working closely with them, we know we can count on our users as they have proved to be so very enthusiastic and supportive since the beginning of the P&M adventure…

    We need YOU more than ever, so please take this opportunity to participate by joining the Group-Buy TODAY and get ALL of your friends to take advantage of this once in a lifetime deal.

    YOU are our only investor and we'll keep that in mind as we create great new products for you.

    If you have any questions, please post them in our dedicated P&M Forum board.

    Group Buy Information

    A "Group Buy" is the action to "group" buyers in order to obtain the best possible discount on specific products. Therefore the more signups, the greater the discount... For more information, please refer to our FAQ

    The goal here is to reach 10 000 users before March 31 for a blow-out price of ONLY $99 on the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle (MSRP $499). That is simply an 80% DISCOUNT !

    Products in this Group Buy

    VIP Bundle

    50 High-Quality Audio Plug-ins

    $249 $49

    The Group Buy Results

    This Group Buy has ended on Sunday March 31, 2013 with 4642 participants who have gained 78% discount!

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