Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy

    Dear friends,

    We have reached over 800 subscribers that committed in purchasing any Harrison Mixbus products during our Group-Buy promotion. Considering the timeframe, we consider this to be very successful !

    From today through Monday January 27, subscribers can take advantage of the amazing DISCOUNTS reached during the Group-Buy (up to 70%) as indicated in the table below.

    Simply follow the links below to purchase your desired product(s) from the Mixbus store. Those who were away during the holiday season may subscribe now and take advantage of the incredible deal !

    - Mixbus v2 Complete $199

    - Mixbus v2 Complete Upgrade $159

    - Mixbus v2 + Plug-in Essentials $59

    - Mixbus v2 $39

    - Plug-in Essentials Bundle $29

    Thank you for your participation.

    The DontCrack Team


    If you haven't had the pleasure to mix on a Harrison console, well here's one great opportunity to buy one from ONLY $39 !

    From today through January 26th, we are organising the first Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy ever !

    The goal is to reach up to 75% Discount on ANY Harrison Mixbus products or bundles.
    1000 subscribers will need to subscribe to access the FULL DISCOUNT as indicated in the table below :

    *The percentage on the "Discount Meter" is the reflection of the "Mixbus alone" product.
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    About the Harrison Mixbus Promotion :

    The Harrison Mixbus promotion will be held as a "Group-Buy" offer that will run for 29 days (from December 27 to January 13, 2014) and 14 days will be made available for subscribers to purchase the product(s) they committed to buy (from Monday, January 13 till Monday January 27, 2014).

    A voucher coupon will be sent to all subscribers on Monday, January 13 for them to purchase the product(s) of their choice at the reduced price from the Harrison Consoles store. The discount depends on the the number of subscribers.

    We believe that we will have way over 1000 subscribers joining in for up to 75% Discount... SO JOIN IN TODAY AND LET THE WORLD KNOW BY SHARING THIS EXCLUSIVE OFFER ON YOUR FAVOURITE FORUM BOARD AND SOCIAL NETWORKS !

    If you have any questions, please post them in our dedicated Store forum.

    Group Buy Information

    A "Group Buy" is the action to "group" buyers in order to obtain the best possible discount on specific products. Therefore the more signups, the greater the discount... For more information, please refer to our FAQ

    The goal here is to reach up to 75% discount, if enough subscribers sign up, on any Harrison Mixbus Products as shown above before Monday January 13, 2014

    The Group Buy Results

    This Group Buy has ended on Monday January 13, 2014 with 841 participants who have gained 75% discount!

    If you participated to this Group Buy, please login to get more information.

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    Total Buyers : 841  
    Current Discount :  - 75%
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