What Press Says?
        Keys Keys.de (German Magazine) "Die DontCrac[k]-Betreiber treten für den fairen Gebrauch von Software ein und wollen mit ihrer Unterstützung für kleine Hersteller der Entwicklung innovativer Produkte Vorschub leisten"

        MacWorld Macworld (UK Magazine) "The store offers immediate online order fulfillment, detailed product descriptions and makes product demos available."

        MacTech MacTech (US Magazine) "DontCrac[k] is proud to offer a real alternative to 'boxed' software that uses carton, plastic and stinky trucks for delivery..."

        MacMusic MacMusic (French Site) "The name says it all : DontCrac[k] actively encourages fair use of software (as we always did on MacMusic) because small manufacturers need to be strongly supported to create more innovative software..."

        Why buy Audio Software at DontCrack?

        Does DontCrack sale illegal software?

        Hell NO ! DontCrack struggles to fight against any kind of software piracy. You may contact manufacturers before purchasing from DontCrack to check us out...

        Why Should I buy Audio Software at DontCrack?

        DontCrack is the first online store that is totally dedicated for selling professional audio software and shareware. Visitors will find lots of great original audio software and utilities they might never have heard about, and that is what we are proud to offer. We are musicians and engineers like you, we test the products we sell and we still get very excited by creating music using the software we sell (and even the stuff we don't sell yet but that we like anyway ;-)

        Is there any way of getting an even larger discount from DontCrack?

        Our prices are amongst the best you can get online! Nevertheless, at DontCrack we do have a crazy option where you can get EVEN more discount ! Here's how it goes :

        • Buy a second product and get 5% EXTRA DISCOUNT off both products
        • Buy a third product and get 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all 3 products
        • Buy a fourth product and get 15% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all 4 products
        • Buy five products or more and get 20% EXTRA DISCOUNT off all of them!!!

        As you can see, buying more can really help you SAVE GOOD MONEY right away! It isn't based on reaching a certain price point or some kind of reward for years of imposed loyalty! For example, you can take one expensive plug-in and 4 relatively inexpensive ones to get your 20% extra discount on the spot!

        * Please note that quantitative discounts applies at checkout, and are ONLY available within a single order process. Quantitative discount doesn't apply with special voucher coupon offers.

        Do I need a Paypal account to purchase products from DontCrack?

        The answer is NO ! Paypal is certainly the safest and easiest way to make payments over the internet and they also offer a wide variety of payment options that include Visa, MasterCard, Amex and many other oprions that depend on your local area. Please note that we have no visibility over payments. All transactions are handled by Paypal which makes shopping at DontCrack a very safe thing to do.

        For any payment issues, please contact your local Paypal representative.

        How long will take before my product is delivered?

        It's INSTANT electronic delivery, no boxes are sent-out! As soon as your PayPal transaction goes through, your license numbers and/or full product file(s) are sent out. And it's ecological. We are proud to offer an alternative to boxed software that doesn't use up resources like cardboard and plastic and uses stinky trucks for delivery.

        Can I try out the product before buying them?

        Not only you can but you should ;-) We provide links to all the latest demo versions for all the software we distribute. We don't want you to be anything but completely satisfied with your purchase(s) at DontCrack. So download the product you plan to buy and give it a good test drive before purchasing the full version.

        How is Customer Support handled at DontCrack?

        We answer all your questions within 48 hours at the most. We try to handle everything ourselves, but sometimes there are questions that only the developers know how to answer, so we take the question(s) to them for you. Moreover, you will always find in you order confirmation, a direct link to the concerned manufacturer's technical support page.

        Are the software sold at DontCrack Mac and PC compatible?

        Most products distributed by DontCrack offer both Mac & PC installers as well as common plug-in formats such as AU, VST, RTAS, AAX, etc. Please refer to our product system requirements for more compatibilty information.

        Can I install the software I purchased on different computers?

        Most manufacturers offer 3 or up to 5 installs (see our manufacturers product system requirements). That enables users to install 2 or 3 computers while keeping installs for future OS or computer upgrades...

        How do I retrieve the software purchased at DontCrack for future re-installs?

        Simply login to the DontCrack store under the "My Account" tab to retrieve your order confirmations with product serial numbers.

        Do I need to download the full product installers from DontCrack?

        The answer is No! We'll always provide a direct link to the concerned manufacturer making sure you always have the latest version of the software you purchased from us.

        Can I have an Invoice?

        Right after purchase, you will instantly have access to your detailed invoice. Simply log into the DontCrack store, (not the DontCrack Forum) and access your private account.

        Do I pay taxes on my DontCrack purchase?

        As DontCrack is a company based in Canada, only Canadian citizens are charged VAT. All other countries residents won't be charged any taxes as it is considered to be an internationally exported sale!

        Is my private info and credit card info safe and secure?

        Your private information and your transactions are protected by an 128-bit SSL encryped connection! We don't have access to your credit card numbers. All payments are exclusively handled by Paypal that also handles Visa, MasterCard, Amex and many other payment options. We never will rent or communicate your personal information to third parties !

        "Buying a software on your store was such an easy game. I was using my product minutes after purchase. I love it!"
        Manfred S. (Germany)

        "It is very helpful to have the platform that each piece of software operates on in the main list, then one wouldn't waste time investigating software that's PC only or Mac only... I like the site concept and am sure that it will grow."
        Bob H.G. (USA)

        "So many nice product and beautiful interface. I come back soon... Will you sugest Yen currency? That could even better ;-))"
        Takashi K. (Japan)

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        Fredrik D. (Sweden)
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